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UK: Rabies case confirmed in puppy in quarantine

London (DEFRA) – A case of rabies has been confirmed in a puppy in quarantine.

A puppy was imported from Sri Lanka and entered the UK into licensed quarantine premises in the south east of England on 18 April. The puppy became ill and died yesterday in quarantine.

Initial tests have been carried out and have shown positive results for a strain of rabies. A full investigation and further tests are underway.

Acting Chief Veterinary Officer Alick Simmons said:

“While initial tests show that this puppy has tested positive for rabies, this shows that the system is working and the case has been picked up while the animal is in quarantine. This means it is contained and the UK’s rabies free status remains in place.

“We are now tracing animals that have moved from the kennels to ensure that all animals that have come into contact with the puppy are monitored. However, any risk of the disease having spread to other animals is highly unlikely.”

Dr Dilys Morgan, a rabies expert from the Health Protection Agency, said:

“This animal died whilst in quarantine which has effectively contained any public health risk.

“We understand that three individuals connected to the quarantine centre and rescue centre were bitten by the animal and all have received or will be receiving prompt protective treatment with appropriate vaccination.

“Even if someone has been bitten by an animal with rabies, prompt post-exposure treatment following the bite is highly effective in preventing rabies.”

Rabies is a viral disease of the nervous system and can affect all mammals. Rabies is spread by direct contact mainly by saliva from the bite of an infected animal or through scratches. The UK currently remains free of rabies because this case has occurred in quarantine.

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