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Germany awards CZV the supply of bluetongue vaccine

Porriño (CZV) – The German veterinary services have awarded CZV of Spain the supply of 14.8 million doses of BLUEVAC-8, their vaccine against bluetongue disease.

This vaccine will be employed in a blanket vaccination campaign that will cover all 12.2 million cows and 3.7 million sheep and goats throughout Germany.

BLUEVAC-8 is an inactivated vaccine against the serotype 8 of the bluetongue virus that affects Germany, as well as a large area of the European continent.

Esteban Rodríguez, general manager of CZV, said that “the first 2.5 million doses were already delivered last week. Vaccination is now ongoing, and shall continue until early July, when 100% of the animals will be vaccinated. BLUEVAC-8 has also been delivered to the veterinary services of Spain, and vaccination shall commence there very shortly.”

BLUEVAC-8 is the latest vaccine development of CZV find more. Since 2006 they have supplied the veterinary services of Spain and Portugal with monovalent and bivalent vaccines against the serotypes 1 and 4 of bluetongue disease.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Spain gave to CZV last November its Silver Award, in recognition to its collaboration in the fight against bluetongue disease.

Rodríguez explained that “we are working very hard to meet all requests for vaccine coming from the different European countries”.

About CZV:

CZV is a major European manufacturer of veterinary vaccines and immunological products. Their products are used in over 40 countries. In addition to their BLUEVAC range of bluetongue vaccines, their most recent development is the vaccine SILIRUM, against Bovine Johne’s Disease.

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