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MSD Animal Health Introduces PANACUR® AquaSol for Swine in Europe

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prix medicament cialis 20mg The product, which can be used in weaners, growers, gestating sows and boars, was recently launched in France and Belgium and will soon become available in other EU countries. PANACUR AquaSol is indicated for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal nematodes, specifically Ascaris suum (adult, intestinal and migrating larval stages) and Oesophagostomum spp. (adult stages).

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viagra for men price in india Speaking at a seminar held in conjunction with the European Symposium for Porcine Health Management, Bruges (Belgium), Sommer noted that PANACUR AquaSol provides better bioavailability than powder formulations due to the homogenous particle size. The product has a two-day treatment period and the withdrawal requirement is four days. “PANACUR AquaSol brings producers a flexible and effective worming option for all ages of breeding and rearing pigs,” he said.

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cialis farmaco generico Vercruysse agreed that the presence of migrating larvae can compromise the efficacy of vaccination and pointed out that A. suum can infect humans. “For these reasons, coupled with the physical and economic damage that A. suum infections cause, swine producers should have a deworming program,” he said. “Worming efforts should focus on growers and finishers, which is the stage of production when A. suum infections usually occur. The worming program should be combined with good sanitation practices to get the best results,” Vercruysse explained.

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