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Porcine practice: Ileitis vaccination reduces diarrhoea and PMWS in weaner pigs

Struer (aho) – Oral vaccination for ileitis can considerably reduce losses as a result of diarrhoea and PMWS “Postweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome” in weaner pigs.┬áThat is the conclusion of the Danish veterinarian Niels Hj├Şrnholm in the farming journal “Dansk Avls Nyt”.
┬áAs the pig specialist explained, three quarters of all treatments in Danish pig herds are carried out in the period between weaning and reaching a weight of 30 kilo, whereby the focus is on diarrhoea in weaners and ileitis. According to Hj├Şrnholm, the situation has become even more critical since the development of PMWS in Denmark.
The veterinarian investigated the effect achievable with oral vaccination of piglets using the ileitis vaccine “Enterisol┬« Ileitis” under practical conditions on a pig-breeding farm in 550 sows. The herd had already been confirmed as presenting the ileitis pathogen following laboratory tests.
 Baseline: The piglets were housed in stalls for weaning once they had reached an average weight of 8.2 kilo. After about eight weeks, the piglets weighed about 28 kg, having shown a daily weight gain of 353 gram on average. During this time, the piglets suffered from diarrhoea and PMWS.
The result: Oral vaccination of the piglets with the ileitis vaccine “Enterisol┬« Ileitis” brought about a marked improvement both in performance and yield and in the animals’ health.┬á With daily weight gains of about 478 grams, the piglets now achieved a weight of 35 kilo within eight weeks.┬á Diarrhoea was no longer observed; there was an enormous reduction in the incidence of PMWS piglets. The rate of animals lost fell to two percent.
┬áIn light of these convincing results, the “Enterisol┬« Ileitis” vaccination programme is to be continued.┬á ┬á


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