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Senator Edward M. Kennedy on antibiotic use in food supply

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  • The Preservation of Antibiotics for Human Treatment Act of 2007 will protect the health of Americans by phasing out the non-therapeutic use in livestock of medically important antibiotics, unless their manufacturers can show that they pose no danger to the public health. The Act requires this same tough standard of new applications for approval of animal antibiotics.
  • The Act does not restrict use of antibiotics to treat sick animals or to treat pets and other animals not used for food.
  • The Act provides for Federal payments to farmers to defray their costs in switching to antibiotic-free husbandry practices, with a preference given to family farms. The Act also authorizes grants for research and demonstration programs on means to reduce the use of antibiotics in the raising of livestock.
  • The Act requires manufacturers to report: (1) on the amounts of antibiotics they supply for animal use (2) on the animals to which those drugs are given and (3) on the uses for which those drugs are supplied.
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