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MSD Animal Health introduces CANINSULIN® VetPen®, the first and only veterinary insulin pen for diabetic dogs and cats

Innovative new insulin delivery device provides better convenience for pet owners while enhancing treatment compliance

Boxmeer (msd) — MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) has introduced CANINSULIN® VetPen®, the first insulin pen specifically designed for diabetic dogs and cats. This device features innovative technology that simplifies dosing and administration of insulin to make it easy for clients to accept and comply with their pets’ treatment.
The sleek, ergonomic design of VetPen makes it easier for clients to handle and simpler and faster to dose than traditional insulin syringes and needles The VetPen device has been designed exclusively for use with CANINSULIN, the only insulin approved for use in both diabetic dogs and cats, which has been proven safe and effective for almost 20 years in millions of animals. The first introduction took place in the United Kingdom this month and further launches in European markets are expected later this year.
“We have designed CANINSULIN VetPen to help ease pet owners’ anxiety or resistance to starting diabetes treatment for their pets,” says Linda Horspool, BVMS, PhD, DipECVPT, MRCVS, global technical director of pharmaceuticals and parasiticides for companion animals at MSD Animal Health. “We hope the ease of use our advanced delivery technology helps make diabetes management easier and less intimidating for pet owners and client counseling easier for veterinary professionals.”

Improved dose accuracy, delivery safety and convenience
The precision instrumentation of the VetPen helps improve dosing accuracy by facilitating CANINSULIN dose measurement. With the simplified dosing process of the VetPen, accuracy is less user-dependent and there is less opportunity for user error. As a result, CANINSULIN VetPen is also beneficial for people with vision or manual dexterity problems.
CANINSULIN VetPen also helps enhance insulin delivery safety by reducing the risk of accidental needle stick injuries, air bubbles, broken vials, and insulin spills that may occur when using syringes with needles. CANINSULIN VetPen is convenient for clients to use while away from home, since the device is easy to carry and administer insulin when needed nearly anywhere.
“CANINSULIN VetPen is a key addition to our endocrine range. As the first insulin pen for dogs and cats it represents a significant breakthrough in the veterinary world” says David Hallas, DVM, MBA and companion animal franchise leader at MSD Animal Health. “The launch of this new tool is part of MSD Animal Health’s global strategy to place customer needs central to our focus. It will also strengthen our leading position in veterinary endocrinology as the core partner delivering best-in-class, integrated solutions.”

Reusable cartridge
The VetPen minimizes variance in dosing by providing multiple doses from a reusable CANINSULIN cartridge with minimal preparation time, while reducing the chance of contamination during use. For more information on CANINSULIN VetPen, veterinary professionals should speak with their MSD Animal Health representative or visit

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